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Get what makes you happy

So you’ve decided to get a little ink, but you don’t fancy just any cookie-cutter design?

I get it... After all, there’s no one in the world quite like you, so why should your tattoo be the same as anyone else’s? At Carvel, we focus on detailed, outside-the-box, custom tattoo design, so the final result is one of a kind – just like you.

Welcome to the Carvel studio

Carvel is a Cape Town tattoo and illustration studio based in the lovely, laid-back coastal village of Noordhoek. If the scenic drive doesn’t take the edge off any nerves you’re feeling, then walking into the studio will. Bright, airy and serene, the Carvel tattoo space was designed to bring ink into the light. We’ll chat, we’ll laugh, you’ll walk out with a beautiful, detailed, custom tattoo. Ask nicely and I may even make you a cup of coffee…

(JK, we’ll definitely have a cup or five.)

The Process

Let's chat

So you’re really doing it this time? You’re finally getting that tattoo you’ve always wanted?

Perfect – I’m as excited as you are and can’t wait to hear your ideas. Get in touch, and we

can discuss the practicalities of getting what’s in your head on to your skin.

Design time

I’ll get the ball rolling with a few concepts based on your ideas. Love them? Great! Not so

sure? Don’t worry – this is a collaboration, and only you know exactly what’s going to

make you smile every time you see it. We’ll workshop the options until you’re completely

happy, then I’ll ink up the final design.

Tattoo Date

The design is good to go and your date is booked, so let’s do this thing. I’ll be popping

into your inbox with a prep pack before the big day, so you have all the details you need

and can just relax and enjoy getting inked.

Eija Searle

My tattoo experience with Carvel was absolutely brilliant. Although it was my first tattoo, I felt very much at ease throughout the process. Carvel is a true artist and she takes every effort to make your tattoo uniquely yours. She is lovely but also professional and great company for the day you spend at the studio.

She is an amazing artist and tattooer! She delivered a stunner of a piece. I was blown away by how beautiful it came out. She is truly wonderful, and I highly recommend her!

Dom Murray

Great service and unique tattoo/illustration experience!

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